Virginia Association of Genetic Counselors

About Us


Genetic counselors in Virginia began meeting in the 1990’s to network and discuss issues of importance to the profession.  These meetings began in a small and informal way but progressed, through the efforts of many dedicated people, to a well-structured and professional format. Several members representing various regions in the state laid the groundwork for an organization that would increase the profession's visibility in the public domain and provide representation and greater networking opportunities among genetic counselors in the state.  In February 2008, the Virginia Association of Genetic Counselors (VaAGC) was established and membership was opened to all genetic counselors practicing or living in the state of Virginia.  An interim Board of Directors was named to define the Association’s goals and to begin coordinating activities.  The first slate of Officers was elected in October 2008 and the structure of the VaAGC rapidly began to take shape.  The organization’s Bylaws, including its Mission and Vision, were written and three standing committees were formed: licensure and public policy, state meeting and education, and communications, marketing and web design.  Since inception, the VaAGC has created a website, coordinated annual state education meetings, held multiple elections, and successfully obtained national grants to aid in licensure efforts.  In 2012, the VaAGC became incorporated as a Virginia nonstock corporation. 

General Information about Genetic Counseling