The VaAGC is pleased to announce our three working committees. We have wonderful ideas for making networking in Virginia easier, mobilizing our state's counselors to take action on issues relevant to our profession, and providing educational opportunities in our own backyards. In order to make these ideas a reality, we need the help of volunteers like you!

Committee members will be asked for a minimum of one year service. If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail your name, preferred e-mail address and telephone number to Be sure to specify the committee(s) for which you are volunteering.

Licensure and Public Policy Committee

The Licensure and Public Policy Committee is responsible for monitoring relevant legislative activities in Virginia. Committee members will familiarize themselves with present and future legislation of state and federal government influencing the practice of genetic counseling in Virginia. This Committee may also establish a legislative contact in Richmond. Committee members will become familiar with legislative updates relevant to other medical groups that could similarly impact the field of genetic counseling. The Licensure and Public Policy Committee will contribute to formal VaAGC position statements on various legislative issues and take action on those with the highest priority for our membership.

State Meeting and Education Committee

The State Meeting and Education Committee is responsible for determining the date and location of the Annual Virginia Genetics Education Conference and for identifying corporate and educational sponsors to help defray costs of the meeting. The committee will be responsible for planning, organizing, and carrying-out the objectives, agenda, and speakers for the meeting. The State Meeting and Education Committee will also maintain awareness of regional and state-wide educational conferences and meetings that members of the VaAGC may wish to attend. Regular updates regarding educational opportunities, including the Annual Virginia Genetics Education Conference, will be communicated to the VaAGC through the website, newsletter, and email.

Communications, Marketing and Web Design Committee

The Communications, Marketing, and Web Design Committee is responsible for the overall operation and appearance of the VaAGC public web presence. Responsibilities include oversight of the website content, as well as the technical aspect of website design. A quarterly newsletter will be produced for the VaAGC membership with updates about activities of the VaAGC and its members, as well as educational updates and items. This Committee is responsible for the design of the newsletter and dissemination of this bulletin. As Officers foresee a need for marketing of the VaAGC, this Committee shall be responsible for determining the appropriate methods and actions required.

The initial committee members will be vital to the shaping of responsibilities of each committee as well as the committee's success. Please consider joining us!


The VaAGC facilitates communication among counselors in Virginia and serves as a resource for delivering relevant information to the public.

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